Task 35
Task 35
SHC Task 35

PV/Thermal Systems


In the IEA PVPS Task 7 Activity 2.5 "PV/T-systems" a comprehensive inventory of known manufacturers and projects was compiled and a short draft working document was set up describing the state of the art on the field. One objective of this activity was to evaluate these systems and to give guidance on the design of PV/Thermal systems for the built environment, but quickly it was clear that there was a strong need to liase with the expertise of the SHC-programme on evaluation of thermal systems, experience on materials, integration issues etc.

On a workshop chaired by Mr. Erik Lysen (NL) in September 1999, where the experts from the SHC and from PVPS got together, it was agreed to initiate a Joint Working Group between the two implementing agreement.

Following Activities in the Joint Working Group

In connection with the semi-annual meetings of IEA PVPS Task 7 and participation in various workshops and seminars, informal meetings was arranged in order to co-ordinate the planning of the activities of the joint working group with the results of activity 2.5. The contents of the final report of the activity 2.5 has served as an important basis for the more detailed planning of the work in the Joint Working Group.

Efforts to Form a New IEA SHC Task in this Field

During 2002 it became clear that the work to be carried out had a level which would call for a full task to be realised. Due to the fact that the primary theoretical and monitoring part would have to be based on the expertise of the Solar Thermal community, a proposal for a new Task within IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Implementing Agreement was set up.

A draft Annex text was presented during the SHC Exco meeting in New Zealand, november 2003 and based on the decision at this meeting, a task definition workshop was held in Copenhagen 25.-26. February 2004. Aim of this meeting was to detail the working plan for the task based on recommendations from all interested countries and experts involved in the field of PV/Thermal Solar Systems. Based on the results and recommendations of this meeting a work programme was presented at the IEA SHC ExCo meeting in Finland 3.-5. April 2004 and the three year IEA SHC Task 35 on PV/Thermal Solar Systems was approved.