Task 35
Task 35
SHC Task 35

PV/Thermal Systems

Supporting Documents

Road Map

A Road Map is set op in a format suited to describe the necessary development in short, medium and long term, in order to reach the final goal: market ready products with cost-effective performance. The major headings for each period are:

  • Long term (7-10 years):
    - Commercial PV/T systems to the end-user market
  • Medium term (3-7 years):
    - Develop and disseminate methods and design tools
    - Start market introduction of systems, which can compete with separate PV and thermal solar systems
  • Short term (0-3 years):
    - Provide road map for possible routes of development
    - Catalyse information exchange to create new developments
    - Definitions and test methos for performance rating

The first version of this Road map of the development of PV/Thermal Solar Systems was discussed at 2. meeting of Joint Working Group - Rapperswil, Switzerland, October 2000

The second version of the document has been edited based on the comments received at the meeting in Rapperswil, and can be downloaded from the link below:

This draft document is the basis for the draft workplan of the group, see below. Comments and suggestions for improvement are very welcome - Please address your contribution to the authors Frederik Leenders and Henrik Sørensen.

Work Plan

The work plan of the joint working group is basically a description of how to "navigate" in the road map described above. The workplan will list the specific tasks to be perfomed in order to register, analyse, learn and disseminate information about PV/T-systems. Whereas the Road Map identifies the route and the overall milestones, the Work Plan is more detailed and specific regarding the expected achievements of each activity. The primary headings in this work plan is listed below:

  • Establish R&D Network
  • Market Analysis
  • Investigation of construction materials
  • Test methodologies incl. performance rating
  • Design specifications
  • Design Tools
  • Market introduction projects
  • Demonstration projects
  • Dissemination activities

Each of the tasks above will be described regarding effort, methodology, outcome and dissemination. Furthermore it will be important to identify the activity leaders and secure sufficient funding carrying out the work.

Literature and Background Material

In the below relevant literature and background material is available:

Swiss report on a-Si PV/Thermal systems by LESO-PB/EPFL, Lausanne; Enecolo AG, Mönchaltorf and Ernst Schweizer AG, Hedingen

Final report from IEA PVPS Task 7, activity 2.5 on PV/Thermal Solar Systems In case a confirmation menu appears during download just quit the menu and the files will be downloaded.